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Matt Roberts of Matt Roberts Arts spoke with SLWA members last Monday 01 Feb as part of our on-going Personal and Professional Developments talks.

Matt Roberts is a not-for-profit organisation which is dedicated towards supporting creative practitioners: artists, designers, photographers etc. in developing their practice and professional knowledge from their project space on Vyner Street, E2 9DG.

If you missed this talk, here is what Matt Roberts Arts has to offer:

Professional development lectures and portfolio discussions

– Two annual open submission exhibitions

A free quarterly online art magazine

– A free programme of national and international touring exhibitions

In order to receive the full range of bespoke professional development and to apply for Matt Roberts open submission Salon and Video art Prize you must be a member of Matt Roberts Arts. Membership is £8 per year for those based in the UK and £10 for those based internationally

For further information www.mattroberts.org.uk

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SLWA PPD – A cure for artist’s block

……….imagination techniques and a personal epiphany!

In my studio on Monday afternoon staring at the wall opposite, I was pondering the long week of routine ahead. I had been looking forward to a talk on psychosynthesis therapy and art. But was not sure I had the energy to go. Thanks to good sense and a desire for mates, tea and biscuits I found myself lying on the floor in the PPD room. Trying to switch off and conjure an image, with other SLWA members.

Angela Shultz delivered a talking and drawing therapy workshop that sent shivers of excitement down my spine! Angela had demonstrated how to visualize a headache and simultaneously have a positive creative experience. Showing us her drawings, a sequence of images progressing from abstract block to figurative-person sitting under a tree. She had begun by visualizing her headache as a rectangular textured space. In her second abstract drawing she sought to find a recognisable image and finally, in her third drawing, she depicted a scene entitled ‘Waiting Under the Tree of Knowledge.’

Angela then got us all to lie on the floor and guided us using her visualization technique. We found our own images in stages; some were more recognisable and obviously figurative than others. We worked in pairs to interpret our images and during the discussion, which ensued; I remembered that my drawings speak to me, providing a mirror reflecting my thinking and concerns at any one time. It was a very interesting workshop. We talked of the many things, physical and mental that can get in the way when making art. A fascinating revelation came from Anne-Marie Glasheen. She said that as a more senior artist, your ideas are coming faster than you can put them down on canvas.

Thank you to Angela for giving us some insight into the creative process.

Liz Dalton

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The first talk of the Professional Development Series, given by business coach Sophie Mahir, proved to be thought-provoking and at times even controversial. After a brief introduction to the concept of “life coaching”, which may have made some members cringe with apprehension, those present found themselves engaging with each other in lively discussion prompted by Sophie’s topics of “The Why” and 6 month to 5 year career plans. more>

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