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Frames and images – Presenting your work to its best advantage

“Your aim should be to have a catalogue of images of your work at two resolutions, in this way you can instantly respond to sales enquiries or a call for artists.” Julie Bennett

“In more cases than not, a great frame will complete a picture and in turn you can justify that higher price tag” Beth Wintgens

Get good advice from these SLWA professionals:
Beth Wintgens on framing and
Julie Bennett on photographing your work 

Check out some offers for frames and professional photography on the Noticeboard.

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by Julie Bennett Graphic Designer, SLWA

Your aim should be to have a catalogue of images of your work at two resolutions
– for print at 300dpi/3mb
– for emailing and the web at 72dpi/500k
In this way you can instantly respond to sales enquiries or a call for artists

Here are the stages to achieve that: (more…)

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Sharing ideas.

“Loved the buzz – it’s going to be a good show – very inspiring”

“A brilliantly organised, professional, useful day. Thanks for kick-starting me into the New Year!”

“Excellent day – I learnt some tricks of the trade from Anita”

Forty SLWA were at Dulwich Picture Gallery for a workshop ‘Presenting your work to its best advantage.’ which was full of practical tips and sound advice from practitioners. The repeated message was:  “Invest in your work – it shows you are proud of it”

We heard from Pippa Graber, Gallery owner, Bankside selector and curator about the importance of presenting you work well, both when submitting for an exhibition and when it is hung. “Exposure, exposure, exposure” was her motto. She also talked about price. “You have one price, for the web, for you own sales, for galleries. Don’t undercut the galleries. They will stop selling you and you will lose your outlets”

Anita Klein, artist, and print maker, had previously exhibited at Bankside. Her message was “If you want to support yourself by your work you have to be professional and committed. Always get back to any request within 24 hours. Having a catalogue of top quality images of your work is essential.”

Julie Bennett, a SLWA who has created the public face of SLWA with the design for our flyers, underlined the importance of a catalogue of good images. She provided information on how to take good pictures and how to manipulate them.

Beth Wintgens, a SLWA painter has recently taken over her parents framing shop, so she understands the business from both angles. “Good quality bespoke framing can be expensive, but this expenditure is well worth it if it secures a sale. The cost of framing is added on top of what you would normally charge so you can reimburse your costs when the painting sells…it more cases than not, a great frame will complete a picture and in turn you can justify that higher price tag”
[Ed: For special offers on framing for SLWA members go to our Noticeboard]

Look out next week for a summary of the tips given by Beth and Julie.

Artists had a full hour to discuss frames with Beth, to try out different packages like Photoshop and Microsoft Picture Manager on half a dozen laptops, to talk to Pippa about pricing chat with other SLWAs and meet Janice Tchalenko, our third selector, who joined us for the morning.

A final wrap up on Bankside Submission processes, the PV and how everyone can help with Bankside publicity brought an excellent session to an end.

In the next few weeks we will be passing on tips for the workshop and info on the PV etc in Bankside News – Keep reading.

“All sounds fantastic. It shows what can be achieved as a group”
Moira Jarvis, Lead of the Bankside Project talking to Janice Tchalenko, Bankside selector and Janet Tod. [with Susan Wood in the foreground]

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You are invited to the private view of JULIE BENNETT’s painting installation at Platform 1 Gallery, Wandsworth Common Railway Station. On Tuesday 8 December 2009 at 7 – 9pm. ALL WELCOME!

The exhibition is open for one day only. Open to the public 7am-10am and 4pm-6pm on Tuesday 8 December 2009. Platform 1 Gallery, Wandsworth Common Railway Station, St James Drive, Nightingale Lane, London, SW12 8NL www.platform1gallery.com

DIRECTIONS: Train from Victoria, London Bridge and Clapham Junction. Bus 319 from Clapham Junction
Car pay and display parking at station. Bicycle locking facilities

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You are invited to the private view of ‘Girls at Gold’ an all female show at The Gallery, Goldsmiths Students’ Union.
Monday 23 November 2009. 6 – 9pm. ALL WELCOME!

The group show will be open Monday to Friday 11am – 6pm until 11 December 2009.
The Gallery, Goldsmiths Students’ Union1st Floor, Dixon Rd, New Cross, London

Features SLWA member, Julie Bennett

‘Girls at Gold’ is an exchange between two art colleges, and will comprise of two exhibitions, one based in The Gallery, in Goldsmiths Student Union, and the second will be based in a gallery in Camberwell. The show displays work from eight female artists with underflowing themes of feminism, domesticity, and the construction of false identities, creating a discourse and a sense of narrative that holds the work together. Across a range of different mediums, including painting, sculpture, sound, and video, ‘Girls at Gold’ is an exhibition that not only exemplifies the potential success of working together, but also shows off the talent and quality of work that is produced by women artists across both art colleges.

Featuring four Camberwell students Julie Bennett, Rosie Carr, Laura Davies and Meghan Heinl-Rimmer.
Plus four Goldsmiths students Jo Allen, Tatiana Baskakova, Jo Harrison and Terri Newman.

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As many of you appreciate, my life as an artist is quite often filled with doing everything on my own from creating,to promoting, to selling, to problem solving, to anything and everything it often seems! It is part of what I love about being an artist but also keeps me from learning how to do things in new ways. This year I was taking part in Dulwich Open House 2009 in Bainbridge studio, which is not just a new studio for me but for all the artists there, Lucy is evolving a commercial space into studios, screen printing facilities and a gallery no less! I also was trying to create a presence of SLWA within the event. Moira Jarvis organized a group of SLWA into the lovely All Saints church on Rosendale rd, (more…)

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Words & photos by Jude Evans; driving by Julie Bennett


We took our paintings to the Royal Academy on Wednesday evening. It was the last day for entrants to deliver their work and the doors were closing at 7pm. (more…)

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