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Frames and images – Presenting your work to its best advantage

“Your aim should be to have a catalogue of images of your work at two resolutions, in this way you can instantly respond to sales enquiries or a call for artists.” Julie Bennett

“In more cases than not, a great frame will complete a picture and in turn you can justify that higher price tag” Beth Wintgens

Get good advice from these SLWA professionals:
Beth Wintgens on framing and
Julie Bennett on photographing your work 

Check out some offers for frames and professional photography on the Noticeboard.

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by Beth Wintgens, Framer, SLWA

Framing is about enhancing and complimenting an artwork.

Badly presented work cheapens it , can make it stand out in an exhibition for the wrong reasons, and lets down the pieces surrounding it
A well framed piece it shows the artist is proud of her workand that it her how it is seen on the wall.

So things to think about… (more…)

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