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Dear older SLWA members! Last year I received my ‘Freedom Pass’ and have been travelling free in London and on the buses across the length and breadth of England. Yesterday I heard of another great opportunity, that is only available to those who have six decades of experience of life on our planet! And yes, today I would like to share that opportunity with you!!! [And no money need change hands!] This is how Southwark Arts Forum phrase it: “I’m hoping to put together a series of talks with older artists to celebrate their work and achievements. This would be part of the programme for Silver, Southwark’s celebrated festival for older people. … So I wondered within SLWA if there were any artists who are over 60 who might be interested in being part of this – it would involve giving a talk about their work, showing some images, questions from the audience followed by time for refreshments and networking. The talks would be held around April, May and June. If you could let me know if you can think of anyone suitable and who would be willing, that would be great.” I have volunteered to liaise for SLWA on this one – if you would like to be involved please email me before Tuesday 25 January so I can pass on the names of our ‘team’ of SILVER SLWA s! Look forward to hearing from you! [But equally, I quite understand if you don’t want to advertise your maturity so publicly – the choice is yours!]

best wishes, Susan

My website: http://www.susancwood.co.uk/ SLWA website: http://www.southlondonwomenartists.co.uk

PS. I am participating with 11 other SLWA artists in Glimpsed, an exhibition at House Gallery in Camberwell 23 January – 4 February 2011.

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