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[Ed: BBC invites SLWA to participate in their survey on the future of art. Survey closes 4th June 2010.]

Ben Lewis and The Culture Show are attempting to gather the opinions of the art world in order to predict what the next age for contemporary art might be. Madness you say? Not necessarily.

Social science has been used for over half a century to assess and measure attitudes – by governments, psychologists, industries, marketing, political scientists, sociologists, etc. but not as yet by the art world. For an upcoming episode of The Culture Show, themed around science and art, presenter and art critic Ben Lewis will be applying the science of psychometrics to assessing people’s attitudes towards the future of art.

Will we find anything out? Only you can help us with that. Here is the link to it: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/F3XRNBF
Please send our questionnaire on to your fellow art world insiders, colleagues, students. Not just that, please complete it yourself! We will close the questionnaire a calendar month from now and need as many people as possible to take part.

Many thanks in advance for your time.
The Culture Show

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