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by Julie Bennett Graphic Designer, SLWA

Your aim should be to have a catalogue of images of your work at two resolutions
– for print at 300dpi/3mb
– for emailing and the web at 72dpi/500k
In this way you can instantly respond to sales enquiries or a call for artists

Here are the stages to achieve that: (more…)

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The publicity for the Bankside exhibition began this week with the mailing of a press release to more than 50 women’s, art and general interest monthly magazines.  In the coming weeks different sectors of the press will be targeted with updated news of the exhibition’s progress. If you have any newsworthy stories, or good press connections, please send them to Kim Thornton.

We have also started a newsletter for all artist who are participating in the Bankside exhibition and anyone else who is interested in keeping informed or finding out more. Please subscribe to it here

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