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You can now order the SLWA catalogue for our Bankside show.
Many thanks to Eithne Twomey for sterling work producing the catalogue – it’s a glorious SLWA First!

The catalogue is available by clicking here>
It’s a 38 page full colour, soft-cover book showing every image from the Bankside Show.

It is also available in hardback.
Single copies (soft cover) are £10.98, including postage to London.

Before ordering, do check out the pricing and shipping details – you can save money by ordering larger quantities.

Find out how to produce your own books and catalogues at blurb.com

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1. When do I need to send in my jpegs?
This week! 22 – 26 February – no late submissions will be accepted.

2. Is there a size limit?
Maximum dimensions are
2D work – including frame – height 1.2 m (120 cm) x width 1.2 m (120 cm)
3D work – excluding plinth – height 1.2 m (120 cm) x width 1.2 m (120 cm) x depth 1.2 m (120 cm)

3. My work is small, why do I have to pay £60 too?
Finances for the Exhibition is tight, the fairest way is to sell a submission, as you can imagine with 100 artists work varies and it would be too difficult to set up a sliding size/price scale.

4. Why do I need to send three images when I am guaranteed a piece to be shown in the show?
We are putting on a professional exhibition and we want to involve all our artists, we would like it to be as coherent as possible and by having a selection process we hope to get the show to gel as much as we can.

5. Help! My work is bigger than allowed what can I do?
We have a few spaces for larger works up to 2m but you will need to pay the equivalent of 2 submissions i.e. £120 please let me know if you are interested in this.

6. My jpegs are terrible- what can I do?
See our post by Julie Bennett https://slwamembers.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/creating-perfect-images-of-your-work-for-submission/

7. Does my work really have to be framed?
This is a professional exhibition please look at the framing guidelines on the form carefully.

8. How should works be prepared for hanging?
All works must be mirror-plated.

9. When will I know what piece of work is selected?
By Sunday 28th March at the latest.

10. What time should I deliver my work to the Bankside Gallery?
Between 1pm and 3pm on Monday 26th April.  

11. When will the Private View be?
Wednesday April 28th 2010 6-9pm (Change of date than on the form)

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