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Please note that the Private View is now 28th April.

Amendments to the Submission Form:

1 Naming of jpgs – surname with first name initial, and the number 1, 2 or 3
e.g.: bloggsj1.jpg bloggsj2.jpg bloggsj3.jpg

2 Maximum sizes – ignore square meters or meters cubed. :
Maximum dimensions are
2D work – including frame – height 1.2 m (120 cm) x width 1.2 m (120 cm)
3D work – excluding plinth – height 1.2 m (120 cm) x width 1.2 m (120 cm) x depth 1.2 m (120 cm)

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by Beth Wintgens, Framer, SLWA

Framing is about enhancing and complimenting an artwork.

Badly presented work cheapens it , can make it stand out in an exhibition for the wrong reasons, and lets down the pieces surrounding it
A well framed piece it shows the artist is proud of her workand that it her how it is seen on the wall.

So things to think about… (more…)

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